Setting Up Your Dog Daycare Software

Learn how to to do the initial setup for Kennel Max

Setting Up Your Dog Daycare Software

Learn how to to do the initial setup for Kennel Max.

Getting started: Initial setup

Setting up Kennel Max is very easy, and this guide will help you plan and get started in no time.

Note: If you find that you need assistance with your system setup after following this guide, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist you in getting started.

Basic information needed

To ensure a smooth setup, we recommend having the following information ready:

  1. Your basic pet business information
  2. The rates you charge for boarding and daycare
  3. Number of kennels available


Righ after signing up, you'll be directed to the Admin dashboard as shown below:

Getting started

Note the yellow alert box on top with the following links to your business profile and the rates configuration, let's start by configuring your business profile.

To do this, either click on the link Setup business profile in the yellow alert or use the left navigation to go to Business information.

1. Business profile

On the Business profile page, select Edit, provide your business information, and click Update. The system will automatically assign a default currency based on the country selected in the form. (Currently, we operate in Canada, US, UK, and Australia).

Getting started - Business profile

2. Rates

Click on the link Please make sure you have at least one rate set in the yellow alert or use the left navigation for Rates.

Click "Add new rate" in the top right corner.

Getting started - Rates

For example, let's set up a "Boarding" rate named "Boarding (standard)" at $45 per night. Feel free to adjust it according to your requirements. These rates apply when checking in dogs for Boarding and/or Daycare.

You can add as many rates as needed to suit your business.

Getting started - Setup rate details

We're almost finished with the basic setup. The final step is to ensure you review the number of available kennels/runs for daycare and/or boarding. Once you've provided information about your pet business and rates, the yellow alert will disappear.

3. Kennels / runs

To add, edit, or delete kennels, click on the side navigation for Kennels.

Getting started - Kennel setup

Note: You'll notice that three kennels are already available. We've included them as an example how to do the setup for this category. You can make adjustments as needed. Let's select "Edit" for "Kennel 1".

You can edit all fields, including:

  • Kennel name
  • Kennel size (standard, miniature, small, medium, large, X-large and special)
  • Is it bookable? (if the kennel is available for booking)
  • Is it available online? (This option is not active at the moment. It will be accessible when online bookings are available).

Customize the kennel information according to your requirements.

Important: Once a kennel has been assigned to a booking, it cannot be deleted to maintain data integrity. However, you can still edit the kennel information.

Congratulations, you've completed the basic configuration for your dog daycare and/or boarding business!

Dog party

Before creating a booking

Before creating a new booking, you'll need to register a new customer and one dog (they need to be active in the system).

Additional steps

The Timezone has been automatically configured based on your location. To review this information, select Timezone configuration in the side navigation.

Important: If you believe the automatic configuration is incorrect, you're welcome to adjust it. Remember, the entire booking system relies on this information in order to display the correct date and time for bookings. If you're uncertain on how to adjust it, feel free to contact us.

Not tech-savvy? No problem. Kennel Max is very easy to use; however, do not hesitate to ask for help or guidance. We'll meet you where you are to assist you in getting started.