Dog boarding business software

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Dog boarding business software

A powerful and intuitive booking system integrated into your dog boarding business software significantly simplifies the reservation process. This software enables customers to quickly secure a spot for their dogs, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Automatic Kennel Availability Checks: Instantly view available spaces for boarding.
  • Vaccine Monitoring: Alerts for missing or expired vaccines.
  • Allergy Warnings: Keep track of any allergies the dogs might have.
  • Rate Selection: Ensures consistent pricing for services.
  • Online Reservations: Easy and convenient booking for customers.

Customer Portal (Pet Owner Dashboard)

Customers can effortlessly submit booking requests for both daycare and boarding services with just a few clicks. This feature reduces the need for extensive communication, allowing pet owners to manage their personal and pet information directly.

Registration and Login Widget

Incorporate a registration and login widget on your website to enable seamless customer access for dog daycare and boarding applications. This minimizes the need for manual communication and streamlines the process.

Unlimited Customer and Pet Database (CRM)

Key to long-term success is client retention. An extensive customer and pet database allows for easy storage and retrieval of vital information, including:

  • Multiple Pets Assignment: Assign multiple pets to one customer.
  • Emergency Contacts: Store essential emergency contact information.
  • Veterinary Details: Keep track of veterinary information for each pet.
  • Customer Management: Option to deactivate customers without deleting their records.

Kennel Management

Efficient management of kennel availability is crucial. This functionality helps in organizing and monitoring occupancy, ensuring quality care for every pet:

  • Customizable Kennel Addition: Adapt the system to your business needs.
  • Variety of Kennel Sizes: Accommodate different dog sizes and needs.
  • Availability Management: Easily adjust kennel availability.

Vaccine Records Management

Maintain high health and safety standards with an integrated vaccine records management system. This feature is essential for ensuring that all boarded pets are fully vaccinated.

Standardized Service List with Predefined Prices

Facilitate the booking process with a standardized list of services and prices, eliminating inconsistencies and simplifying the reservation process.

Hassle-Free Invoicing

Automate your invoicing process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial transactions:

  • Integrated Booking and Invoicing: Streamline billing processes.
  • Invoice Management: Easily add or edit invoice items, and record payments.

Analytics for Informed Decisions

Leverage collected data to make informed business decisions. Analyze customer preferences, booking trends, and more to enhance your operations.

Comprehensive Features

  • Cloud-Based: No installation required.
  • Pet and Client Database: Comprehensive CRM functionality.
  • Kennel Management: Efficient space management.
  • Booking List: Keep track of all reservations.
  • Invoices: Integrated invoicing system.
  • Pet Vaccines: Track vaccination records.
  • Customer Portal: Easy access for customers.
  • Website Widget: Simplify customer interactions with your website.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Dog Boarding Business?

For dog boarding business owners, adopting a specialized software like Kennel Max is a strategic move. It streamlines daily operations and boosts customer experience, driving growth and efficiency in your business.