Dog boarding computer software

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Dog boarding computer software

Transform your reservation process with a sophisticated and user-friendly dog boarding computer software. This streamlined solution allows customers to effortlessly secure a spot for their dogs in just a few clicks, thereby boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Automatic Kennel Availability Check: Instantly confirms available spaces for boarding.
  • Vaccine Record Alerts: Warns if a dog has no vaccines on file or if vaccines are expired.
  • Allergy Notifications: Alerts for dogs with known allergies.
  • Rate Consistency: Automatically selects the appropriate rate for services.
  • Online Reservation Capability: Simplifies the booking process for customers.

Interactive Customer Portal

This portal allows pet owners to effortlessly submit boarding and daycare requests, managing their personal and pet information online. This reduces the need for frequent phone calls and emails.

Registration and Login Widget

Easily integrate a registration and login widget on your website, providing customers with quick access for dog daycare and boarding applications. This streamlines service requests and customer interaction.

Comprehensive Customer and Pet Database (CRM)

An extensive database helps in maintaining crucial information, enhancing client retention:

  • Multi-Pet Management: Attach multiple pets to a single customer profile.
  • Emergency Contact Storage: Keep important emergency contact details.
  • Veterinary Information Access: Record and retrieve veterinary details.
  • Deactivation Feature: Disable customer records without complete deletion.

Efficient Kennel Management

Manage your kennel spaces effectively with features that allow for:

  • Flexible Kennel Addition: Customize the number and types of kennels.
  • Various Kennel Sizes: Accommodate different dog breeds and sizes.
  • Availability Adjustment: Easily update kennel booking status.

Vaccine Records Administration

Keep track of vaccination histories, ensuring that all pets are properly immunized for their stay.

Standardized Services and Pricing

Streamline the booking experience with a predefined list of services and prices, making the reservation process more efficient and consistent.

Simplified Invoicing System

Automate invoicing for accurate and efficient billing:

  • Integrated Booking and Invoicing: Streamline the financial process.
  • Invoice Editing and Payment Recording: Manage financial transactions easily.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilize analytics for insight into customer behavior, booking patterns, and more, helping to optimize your business operations.

Feature-Rich Software

  • Cloud-Based Solution: No need for local installation.
  • Comprehensive Databases: Manage pet and client information seamlessly.
  • Kennel Management Tools: Keep track of kennel occupancy.
  • Reservation Tracking: Monitor all booking activities.
  • Invoicing Integration: Efficient financial management.
  • Vaccine Record Tracking: Ensure pet health and safety.
  • Customer Portal Access: Provide easy online access for clients.
  • Website Integration: Embed a registration or login button for easy access.

Ready to Upgrade Your Dog Boarding Business?

With specialized dog boarding computer software, streamline your operations, enhance customer experience, and drive business growth. Embrace technology for a more efficient, customer-friendly approach.