Dog Daycare and Boarding Booking System

Free for up to 10 active customers

Dog Daycare and Boarding Booking System

This comprehensive dog daycare and boarding software simplifies the reservation process, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Automated Space Availability Check: Instant confirmation of available space for daycare and boarding.
  • Vaccine Status Monitoring: Ensures all dogs are up-to-date with vaccinations.
  • Allergy Alerts: Keeps track of any specific allergies for each dog.
  • Rate Consistency: Applies correct rates for daycare and boarding services.
  • Online Booking: Allows customers to book services conveniently online.

Interactive Pet Owner Dashboard

A user-friendly customer portal enables pet owners to easily book daycare or boarding services and manage their personal and pet information, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Registration and Login Integration

Incorporate a simple registration and login widget on your website to facilitate easy customer access for both daycare and boarding service applications.

Comprehensive Customer and Pet Database (CRM)

Maintain detailed records essential for managing daycare and boarding services:

  • Multi-Pet Profiles: Link multiple pets to a single customer.
  • Emergency Contact Information: Store critical emergency details.
  • Veterinary Records: Access veterinary information for each pet.
  • Flexible Customer Management: Option to deactivate customer profiles as needed.

Efficient Kennel and Daycare Space Management

Effectively organize and monitor the availability of spaces, ensuring the best care for every pet:

  • Customizable Space Allocation: Adapt to your specific daycare and boarding needs.
  • Various Space Sizes: Suitable for different dog breeds and sizes.
  • Easy Availability Updates: Manage space bookings with ease.

Vaccine Record Administration

A crucial feature for maintaining health and safety standards, this system tracks and manages each pet's vaccination history.

Standardized Service List with Set Prices

Manage a list of services with predefined prices for both daycare and boarding, ensuring efficiency and reducing billing errors.

Streamlined Invoicing Process

The software simplifies the invoicing process, ensuring accurate billing for daycare and boarding services:

  • Integrated Booking and Invoicing: Seamlessly connect financial transactions with bookings.
  • Easy Invoice Management: Add, edit, and track payments effortlessly.

Data Analytics for Strategic Decisions

Leverage the power of data to understand customer preferences, booking patterns, and operational insights, helping to refine your daycare and boarding services.

Comprehensive Software Features

  • Cloud-Based System: Accessible from anywhere, no installation needed.
  • Extensive Pet and Client Database: All-in-one CRM solution.
  • Daycare and Boarding Management: Keep track of all bookings and availability.
  • Integrated Invoicing: Simplified financial management.
  • Vaccine Tracking: Essential for pet health and safety.
  • Customer Portal: Easy access for clients to manage their bookings.
  • Website Integration: Embed a registration or login button for easy client interaction.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Dog Daycare and Boarding Business?

Invest in this specialized dog daycare and boarding software to streamline your operations, enhance customer experiences, and foster business growth. Embrace the future of pet care management today.