Dog Kennel Booking Software: Online bookings, Pet and Client CRM

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Dog Kennel Booking Software: Online bookings, Pet and Client CRM

Our Dog Kennel Booking Software is specifically tailored for managing dog daycare and boarding facilities.


  • Automated Kennel Availability Check: Quickly shows available spaces for daycare and boarding.
  • Vaccination Record Management: Alerts for any missing or expired vaccinations.
  • Allergy Awareness System: Tracks allergies of each dog for safer stays.
  • Consistent Rate Application: Ensures accurate pricing for all services.
  • Online Booking Functionality: Enables customers to book services with ease.

Streamlined Customer Portal

A dedicated portal for clients to manage their bookings for daycare and boarding services, along with their personal and pet information, minimizing manual processing.

Website Registration and Login Widget

An easy-to-integrate widget for your website, allowing straightforward registration and login for your clients, simplifying the process of booking daycare and boarding services.

Comprehensive CRM for Client and Pet Data

The software includes a robust database for managing client and pet information efficiently:

  • Multi-Pet Management: Easily assign multiple pets to one customer.
  • Emergency Contact Details: Store essential emergency contact information.
  • Veterinary Information Tracking: Keep veterinary details of each pet for quick access.
  • Client Account Management: Deactivate client accounts without deletion as needed.

Efficient Management of Daycare and Boarding Spaces

Manage your daycare and boarding spaces effectively, ensuring optimal care for every pet:

  • Flexible Space Configuration: Customize according to your kennel’s layout and capacity.
  • Various Kennel Sizes: Cater to different dog breeds and sizes.
  • Availability Management: Easily control and update the booking status of kennels.

Vaccination Records Tracking

An essential feature for ensuring the health and safety of pets in your care, this system keeps detailed vaccination histories.

Standardized Service List with Predefined Pricing

Maintain a list of services with set prices, enhancing the booking process’s efficiency for both daycare and boarding.

Simplified Invoicing System

The software automates the invoicing process, linking financial aspects directly with bookings:

  • Integrated Booking and Invoicing: Ensures a smooth financial transaction process.
  • Flexible Invoice Management: Easily adjust and track payments.

Analytics for Informed Business Decisions

Use data analytics to gain insights into customer behavior, booking trends, and operational efficiency to improve your daycare and boarding services.

Comprehensive Features of the Software

  • Cloud-Based System: No installation needed, accessible from anywhere.
  • Complete CRM Functionality: Efficiently manage pet and client information.
  • Kennel and Daycare Management Tools: Track all bookings and kennel availability.
  • Integrated Invoicing: Streamline your billing process.
  • Vaccine Record Management: Ensure the health and safety of boarded pets.
  • Customer Portal: Facilitate easy online access for clients.
  • Website Integration: Embed a registration or login button for client convenience.

Upgrade Your Dog Kennel Business Now

Investing in our Dog Kennel Booking Software will streamline your operations, enhance customer experiences, and promote growth in your dog daycare and boarding business. Embrace this technology to elevate your pet care services.