Dog Kennel Management Software

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Dog Kennel Management Software

Our Dog Kennel Management Software is designed to streamline operations for dog daycare and boarding facilities. It enhances the efficiency of managing reservations, pet information, and facility logistics. Key features include:


  • Automated Kennel Availability Monitoring: Ensures real-time tracking of available spaces for daycare and boarding.
  • Vaccine Record Management: Alerts staff to missing or expired vaccinations for each dog.
  • Allergy Notification System: Keeps track of dogs with allergies for personalized care.
  • Accurate Rate Application: Automatically applies consistent pricing for daycare and boarding services.
  • Online Reservation System: Facilitates client bookings and reduces manual workload.

User-Friendly Customer Portal

Offer a convenient portal for clients to manage their bookings and access information about their pets, reducing the need for constant staff interaction.

Website Integration with Registration and Login Widget

Easily embed a registration and login widget on your website, allowing customers to access and manage their daycare and boarding bookings seamlessly.

Extensive CRM for Pet and Owner Data

Efficiently manage detailed information of clients and their pets:

  • Multi-Pet Profiles: Link multiple pets to a single customer account.
  • Emergency Contacts: Store and access crucial emergency contact information.
  • Access to Veterinary Information: Keep track of each pet's veterinary records.
  • Customer Account Management: Deactivate accounts without deleting them as needed.

Effective Kennel and Daycare Space Management

Optimize the use of your facility’s space with advanced management tools:

  • Customizable Space Allocation: Tailor your space according to daycare and boarding needs.
  • Varied Kennel Sizes and Types: Accommodate different dog breeds and sizes.
  • Real-Time Availability Updates: Manage kennel and daycare space bookings effectively.

Vaccine Record Tracking

A key feature for maintaining health standards, this tool ensures all pets in daycare and boarding are up-to-date with their vaccinations.

Standardized Service and Pricing List

Create and maintain a standardized list of services with set prices to streamline the booking and billing processes for daycare and boarding.

Simplified Invoicing Process

Automate the invoicing process, integrating it with the reservation system for efficient and error-free billing:

  • Seamless Booking-Invoice Integration: Connects financial transactions with booking records.
  • Easy Invoice Editing and Payment Tracking: Manage financial transactions conveniently.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage analytics to gain insights into booking trends, customer preferences, and operational performance, enhancing your daycare and boarding services.

Full-Featured Kennel Management Software

  • Cloud-Based Functionality: Accessible anywhere, no installation needed.
  • Robust Pet and Client Databases: Streamline information management.
  • Kennel and Daycare Booking Management: Keep track of all reservations and occupancy.
  • Integrated Invoicing System: Simplifies financial transactions.
  • Vaccine Tracking: Ensures pet health and safety.
  • Client Portal Access: Empowers clients to manage their bookings online.
  • Website Integration Option: Adds functionality for easy customer interaction.

Ready to Elevate Your Dog Kennel Business?

Our Dog Kennel Management Software offers a comprehensive solution to enhance your dog daycare and boarding operations, improving customer experiences and fostering business growth. Embrace advanced technology for your pet care services.